Prototypes and Series

Prototypes as they should be.
From the design to the prototype part.
Injection moulds made of aluminium or steel with loose parts or as a slide variant. Be it single or multiple hot runner systems with needle valve nozzles.
Of course, we make prototypes in series material – the precursors of your series are created at elprotec. High-quality material goes hand in hand with perfect function and calculable costs.

The result is a customised prototype for you. Guaranteed!

The go-ahead for series production
We control the entire process.
Findings from the pre-series tools flow into the series tools. This is how we create the best conditions for your series. We manufacture your plastic parts on high-performance injection moulding machines. This safeguards your project.

Machine installation – Injection moulding technology

Injection moulding machines Clamping force in tonnes Screw diameter in mm
Boy XS 10 16
Boy 22E 22 18
Boy 55E 55 28
Boy 55M1 55 28
Box 55M2 55 24
Box 80M 80 48
Box 90M 90 48
Box 90E 90 42
DEMAG Ergotech 200 200 60
DEMAG Ergotech 420 420 60
Sumitomo DEMAG 650 650 70